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I’m so proud of my T.V. husband. From the moment I met him, I knew he was going to be, like, the next Brad Pitt. He’s so handsome, so kind, and such a talented actor. There’s just nowhere for him to go except straight to the top. I’m only shocked that it hasn’t happened already. I’m just so excited for the world to see him if they haven’t already. Because he’s brilliant and I love him and now he has rock-hard abs. Which is just a bonus.
It seems like the Internet has a big crush on Chris … do you feel like it is encroaching on your territory at all?
I have major jealousy [issues] but we start shooting Parks and Recreation next week so I am glad to have him all to myself because if anyone tries to get with him, I will destroy them

― Aubrey Plaza on Chris Pratt x

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Will this about cover it? This should cover it just fine, Lottie!

I just love Lottie’s adorable little jump here!!!

I love how Tiana was never too proud to accept help from friends, and the movie didn’t show this as making her any less hard working or devoted. I think that’s an important lesson.

Similarly, Lottie was always giving and loving, even though she was by all counts supposedly a spoiled brat. This is truly one of my favorite Disney friendships.

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

luke newberry as remus lupin
jeremy allen white as peter pettigrew
luke pasqualino as sirius black
suraj sharma as james potter

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favorite character meme [2/4 relationships]: shawn & cory



Imagine all of the crap James would’ve given Lupin about his mustache.

"C’mon, Moony. One Furry Problem is enough, mate.

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James and Sirius hugging it out after some pranking or somethin’


James and Sirius hugging it out after some pranking or somethin’

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scully: mulder no

mulder: mulder yes

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Ron helping Harry calm down after a panic attack because he thought his scar hurt when it was just a normal headache

Ron learning how to use the telephone properly so Harry could call him if he woke up in the middle of the night before of a nightmare

Ron quickly making a joke and changing the topic when a conversation became obviously uncomfortable for Harry. 

Ron telling the reporters to piss off when they tried to crowd around Harry.

Ron actually being the best friend Harry could ever have asked for.

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